Fatima Altieri: If I can do it, so can YOU !

       Fatima is a young singer and model in Haiti who featured on a lot of songs with Haitian artists such as Baky, Wendyyy, Trouble boy… For the last few years, we’ve been lucky to watch her grow since she has been making moves in the music industry by proving she is here to stay. Her voice is very soothing; it is an attention grabber, to say the least, and her talent has been speaking for itself. When Fatima is not seducing us with her voice, she is pleasing us on Instagram, with her authentic and amazing photographs. 
Personally, From  Fatima I get a quiet/timid vibe while being confident in herself & her works, at the same time. Also, she has that special vibe that inexplicably attracts, besides her amazing voice.
On that note, I invite you, ladybugs, to discover the true character of Fatima, and little details about her FIRST solo album, which will be out soon, called ENSPIRASYON!
Your album is set to come out soon. How does it feel to see your project coming to life?
It feels amazing! It’s like I’m about to give birth to a child! I’m excited and scared at the same time; but, mostly impatient for my people to listen to it! 
The album cover is extremely well executed. What inspired it?
Thank you! It was my vision but Edward Jean-Barre did such a great job executing it! I was inspired by nature, the earth, and I’m a Virgo, which is an earth sign. I wanted to be close to my element on the cover, and that’s exactly what we did, my team and I. 
Describe the feeling you had, working on this album? How was the process (in terms of inspiration, collaboration, etc…)?
It was very challenging. 
At first, I wanted to do an EP (extended play) which is a shorter version of an album because it can be 5 to 7 songs, not 10 or 12. However, when I had a few friends listen to it, they suggested me to add more songs and make an album. The idea was appealing to me, so I ended up doing an album. In terms of Inspiration, I can say it was easy for me because I was ready; inspiration (ENSPIRASYON) is also the name of the album since each and every song on it is inspired by real-life events… either my life or other people’s life around me … Also, I had a few dope artists writing with me like Baky, Trouble Boy,and two friends of mine, Mehue (a blogger) and Pyèf. 
What is the message behind this album? Do you have one favorite song on it? I noticed that you only have one artist featuring on your album, why just one?
The message is simple: “get inspired.” Keep being productive and creative, and if I can do it, so can you. 
I don’t have a favorite song on the album because I love all of them and they’re so different from each other; I’m proud of what I came up with for a first album! 
The reason why I have only one collaboration on the album is simple: I have enough collaborations already. I have so many collaborations that people, sometimes, call me “Atis featuring”. I want people to rediscover ME and I want to have more songs of my own; so, yeah I have one collaboration.
Was being a singer something you’ve always aspired to be?
Absolutely. Music was and will always be my oasis, my safe heaven. Always. 
Who has inspired you throughout this industry?
Everyone who came before me and even the new artists inspire me, especially the female ones. Each and every artist is different from the other starting from their stories, their strength, to their tenacity. Also, the HMI is one of the toughest, and to see women getting involved and evolving like that is truly inspiring to me. 
Over the last few years, we’ve watched you grow. How does it feel to realize that you are living YOUR dream?
Well, I can say I’m on the right track… it’s not easy; but since I’ve erased the word  “give up” from my dictionary years ago, I wake up every day and remind myself “To keep going”. I’m not fully living my life as people might think. I have a long way to go. 
Other artists that I had interviewed always talked about time and acceptance, which are two things they faced within the industry. What would you say it’s yours?
I’ve faced a lot of humiliation and bullies. In fact, I’m still facing them. But, that’s another topic for another time because I’m keeping this interview positive. Regardless of what I do, certain people will appreciate and support and others won’t. It’s okay. I’m not money so I don’t expect everyone to love me. Lol. 
Congratulations on your engagement!! In the moment, in the middle of Paris, how did you feel?
Thank you! I felt like I was in a fairytale! I didn’t expect it at all. I don’t really like surprises, but I got to admit it was a very good one.  
If I’m not mistaken, your fiancé is also a part of your team. How do you guys balance it so that it doesn’t interfere with anything?
Yes, he is my manager. 
It’s actually easy and way better for me because in the past, the people I had worked with never really understood my vision, unfortunately. He understands it, and he let me be Me and creative. He mostly supervised and execute the projects, music, shows, photoshoot and more.  To balance it we just remind each other we’re 100% love partners and 100% business partners but most importantly we’re two best friends who want to see each other win. Voilà! 
We are part of an era where women are being more vocals about a lot of issues. Would you consider yourself a feminist?
I’ve been vocal about my own issues for a while, but not about everyone else’s. Therefore, I would say yes and no because I’m not that committed to the movement. One day I will, though. I’m a future committed feminist, lol, if that makes sense.  
What has been your most memorable moment since you started?
Right now, I can’t really be specific because so far, everything has been memorable. From having shows with 20 people to now, getting to perform for thousands… Each moment has impacted me for the better. 
You have a foundation, right? What’s the purpose behind it?
Yes, I’ve been the co-founder of “It takes love to make a child smile” for 5 years now, with a friend of mine, Jose Winnie Gaspard. The purpose is to help the less fortunate kids, especially the ones in the countrysides, whose parents can’t afford school supplies such as bags, notebooks, shoes, pen/pencil…We also make hygiene kits for them, and have seminars on the importance of washing hands and brushing teeth.
What are 3 words that best describe Fatima?
What a day off looks like in Fatima’s world?
A picnic in the mountains, a road trip, or the beach!  
When it is all set and done, how would you like to be remembered?
As one of the most inspiring Haitian artist and humanist. 
What are 3 things you have in your bucket lists?

Meet Rihanna,Beyoncé, and Michelle Obama 

Fatima, besides music, do you have any hidden talents?
Lol, I can imitate cats and goats and I can sing exactly like Cher or Shakira. I’m glad this is a writing interview, lol.
What was the last book you read? What was one thing in that book that touched you?
The Alchemist 
The whole story gave me a new perspective on life. 
So many young girls look up to you, what’s the best advice you can share with them?
When you’re giving love to others don’t forget to give some love to yourself. And don’t lose yourself to please others! 
It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know, a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers.
Well, thank you for thinking about me and contacting me to do the  interview. It was  an honor for me. Keep thriving, keep grinding and stay beautiful. 
Peace and love! 

Thank you to Fatima for allowing me to interview her. I know we all are looking forwards to your new album. I wish you lots of success , and can’t wait to see what’s next for you outside of music! Keep in touch with Fatima through her social media .

IG & Twitter @fatiful !


                        Lady Sergine 🌹💋

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