A Thank You Note To My Mother ❣️

Tomorrow it’s  Father’s Day and I want to celebrate  my mama on top of celebrating my dad .
Some might find it weird, but here is the thing: 5 years ago, my mom became a single mother; not by her choice or my father’s but rather by the creator of the universe’s.


Since then, she has graciously been fulfilled her ROLE as a single mom. Yes, there were times it was hard to deal with everything but yet mommy never allowed us to see her broken. She still works super hard to GIVE us everything. She doubles the love and everything else!
However, I know at times , she feels broken, lost, confused, and angry because the lady is human, after all. I mean, by having her kids, she didn’t sign up for raising them by herself. 


My dad died a week before Father’s Day; I haver never felt such pain, in my life . I watched my mom mourn my dad while doing all that she is supposed to do. We weren’t a wreck just because my mom was okay. Not great but okay. She did everything possible during that dark time to keep us in good spirits. MY mom is the definition of STRENGTH and being a WARRIOR.


She took over the role of a father  because she’s always teaching us the things my dad would have taught us if he was here. She overly compensated when it comes to me, especially. I was a daddy’s girl, y’all WILL never understand how attached I was to this man. He was MY HEART! At the same time, I was & still is a Mommy’s Girl. I know it might sound weird… Like I’m super attached to both my parents. Though,  the relationship with papi was just something else . I have found myself to be lost at times, but my momma always finds a way to bring me back to where I need to be.

Mommy, I don’t say this enough but THANK YOU! I know and understand the sacrifices you have made for us. The last 5 years weren’t  easy for you because you have lost so much (your husband and your mother a year and some change later). I know you have been through it. THANK YOU for never letting my siblings and I feel like you’ve given up. THANK YOU for always trying YOUR HARDEST to make us happy! We love and appreciate you.


I know you and I fight a lot lol, but what’s new!? ? You are my mommy and the true bestie. Mommy, I don’t think I would be okay if you weren’t here. I don’t think anyone else could have been my mother besides you! You are my greatest love story! You are what I aspire to be! I Love when we spend hours on the phone talking about nothing and just laughing . I love when you make fun of me because lol who else besides you can do that ??? Your prayers are always what I need. Thank God for YOU and I can only asked him to grant you a good healthy life to reap what you sow. 


(This picture is a perfect representation of someone whose trying to be strong. I had my mom took this picture a month after my dad passed away. Because she looked beautiful, & strong ❣️. Look closer you’ll see the sadness& tears in her eyes.)

To my dad, I thank you for CHOOSING her to be our mother. You’ve always talked highly of manmi and now, I know why. You couldn’t have picked a better life partner . Papi, I love You to the moon and back , eternity & beyond ! Thank you for one of the best love story I have lived for 20 years💞💞. Memories last forever they say; so I close my eyes from time to time to see or try to see your face and to relive our simplest to greatest moments together. Thank you for my beautiful sister 🌹.


HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to all the mothers out there playing both roles! HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to all the dads who are in heaven ❣️. HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to all the amazing dads out here raising their offsprings as they should.


Lady Sergine💋🌹

1 thought on “A Thank You Note To My Mother ❣️”

  1. Superbe, ton texte, Sergiou. Puisse Taty rester ferme et attentionnée pour ses magnifiques enfants! Je suis sure que ton père, de là où il est , est fier de vous tous. Gardez courage😘😘


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