Love More 🌹

Today is Mental Health  day. Although I have not blogged in such a long time, I thought I would write something to encourage everyone to keep going. I’ll start by saying: if you’re here, there’s a reason why, so please don’t give up.

Life gets super hard. We all have a million things going on. Whether it’s your love life, financial situation, mental state, or family life. I can’t tell YOU WHEN you will overcome these situations, but you can pray, and I encourage you to do so. Life ain’t easy, just look at the news. The news is so depressing itself, so I understand how one can feel tired,overwhelmed or like giving up.

After the earthquake, a school counselors recommended that I see a therapist. I still remember looking at  them like :

“are y’all  crazy? Why would I need one?”

But after my dad passed away I REALLY took care of myself. You know did the whole shrink thing, and in the beginning it was totally  against my will. Now looking back I realize that we don’t value mental health because we associate it with weakness. But in all actuality it’s not.  Honestly unless you are a robot with no feelings there’s no way you can go on through this life without feeling anything.

Lately, I have been asking people about their  mental health. I  was talking to a very good friend of mine, somehow we brought up this topic and he shared his season of being suicidal, and literally took me by surprise.

I began to ponder on how I could check on him more often without being overbearing.   I even connected with a common friend we have, and we agreed  to always check on him when  the other couldn’t.

I truly wish you all could see how beautiful, amazing, and dope y’all are. Don’t let the internet or society make you feel like you gotta be something that you are not.

I know we all struggle with something, I know sometimes you might feel that you’ve fallen behind your peers with school, personal life

whatever it might be. But  lets challenge ourselves to see beyond the surface, and remember there’s more to it than what meets the eye.  We all have been handed different cards in this world.

So today I honor all of you who struggle or have struggled with mental health problems like depression, suicidal thoughts, bipolar,  or whatever it might be, yet still find the strength to get up in the morning. Whether it took you an hour or a few days, I’m thankful you didn’t give up. I could say find something to keep you going but I know personally: sometimes nothing helps. I know sometimes even praying seems like too much! So I will say to find it in yourself, even when you don’t feel like it, to GET UP, even if it’s simply to eat a sandwich or brush your teeth. Your efforts are greatly recognized. Nothing is too small or too big.  TALK to someone when you feel like everything is going over your head. Stay away from social media if needed, this thing is our biggest blessing & curse. Sometimes going on social media even makes me anxious! It’s made me feel less beautiful, fat, you name it. But I know I’m not it’s the insecurities playing mind trickS with me, and all of us.    

Use everything in moderation, pray more, find people to be surrounded, making sure they can provide the support that you need. Find the light at the end! Please don’t give up! I can’t stress on that enough. We ain’t perfect, and that’s okay!  See passed the judgment, bullies, hatred (self-hatred included ), hurts, pains. Your story is worth telling!


Love always!

Lady Sergine 🌹💋

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