Zoe Poze : Just Because You don’t SPEAK CREOLE IT doesn’t mean you aren’t Haitian.

If you ever in need of a good laugh, well my next interviewee is your person. He will keep you laughing non-stop while he tackles some important topics in our Haitian society. I’ve started watching his videos when my family started sending them in our group chat. Not only he is a well-known comedian, but the man also wears so many hats. So I hope you will enjoy learning about his journey.

For those who don’t know you, how you describe who you are?

I like to have fun and I am down to earth. I find humor in everything, this can be easily misunderstood as careless or immature but it’s my way of coping with everything that comes my way. I love dancing and having a good time. I am active and energetic.

What made you wanted to start with comedy?

I was always a class clown and I even won the funniest in class superlative at school and throughout high school, I was always performing and hosting school shows. But my comedy mainly derived from performing in church plays.

Why did you choose the name Zoe Poze?

I chose the name Zoe poze because I am a Haitian comedian and that’s what Zoe unofficially stands for in creole and Poze is what I am when I am not being silly and wild meaning chill.

You’ve always made videos about your culture, what else inspired your videos?

My culture is a huge part of my videos but I am also inspired by other YouTubers and Instagram celebrities and I am also inspired by some great movies with funny actors like Adam Sandler.

They are many people doing the same things as you, how do you manage to always stay unique?

I believe that my story is always one of a kind despite similarities with other influencers’ content; it’s different. In addition, unique is my point of view and reactions to my life and how I portray it.

You have collaborated with a few fellow comedians, who is the dream collabo?

To be honest all comedians are my dream collaborations but if I could choose a few among the mainstream I would want to collaborate with Key and Peele , Will Smith and DC Youngfly.

Nothing brings more joy than watching our Haitian parents doing videos with their children. How do you get them to do it?


It’s not easy! But after the first few videos, they could see that I have an interest in my culture and that pleased them so they support it.

Were they always on board with you going on this career path?

Definitely not and they still don’t, but they are open to the possibility of it being a flourishing career. They encourage me to have a backup plan, you know, every parent always wants the best for their child and Haitian parents are not open to the possibility of a career coming out of anything that someone did not go to school for. I am grateful that they have somewhat of an open mind to it.

You are a man of many facets, you host, make videos among other things. Where do you find time for all of it?

In the beginning, I was the worst with time management but through experience and discipline, I learned how to juggle my personal life with what I love to do. But it’s not always peachy, sometimes I have to just go with the flow and focus on one thing at a time.

In a time where social media is very crucial, what advice can you give someone coming up in this industry?

Knowledge of yourself and your brand is imperative in making sure your content is authentic and constant. And just be yourself really.

You went on tour last year with other comedians such as Maya Fairy, Manman Junior as well with other comedians. What words would you use to describe the whole experience?

Every one of them is family. It was continuous laughter and just pure silliness but most certainly had to practice discipline and time management to assure everything went as planned, though life as we know it rarely does. With that being said we all had to be open-minded in understanding each other and working with different personalities.

When things are back to normal, would you guys put another tour together?

Definitely will. I would love another opportunity to do a tour with them again, there is never a dull moment with those guys.

This pandemic it’s the perfect time for any artists ( comedian, actors, dancers )to perfect their craft, what advice can you give anyone?

Perfect time to hone your craft and learn new skills that can strengthen your craft and learn more about the business aspect of it.

Outside being Zoe Poze the comedian, host, what else you do?

Outside of that, I am a student at Broward college and I work for Broward County school district.

You’ve always come as a happy person on social media, how do you manage to be such a light to so many?

First, I try to be as humble as possible by acknowledging God for using me in such a way that brings Him glory and brings me joy. Every so often I receive messages from people telling me how much I’ve helped them through a hard time by making them laugh or bringing a smile to their face. That keeps me going in addition to nostalgic experiences of course.

In a world where mental health is still taboo, what message can you share with anyone that might feel discouraged?

My message is simple: do not be discouraged, because discouragement could be that one moment you need to keep pushing towards your goal, and that’s when everything will start unraveling. In the event that nothing unravels it just means that you need to find another way to achieve your goal, keep pushing, quitting is an option, but I always say choose the latter, the one your older self will thank you for someday.

Zoe Poze is not Zoe Poze without…..

Dancing and being carefree, and of course the signature jump.

If you could correct one conception that people have about you, what would it be?

I don’t think there is a conception people have about me that I mind too much about, but I guess if I had to choose, it’s that I am never serious about anything. Truth is I am serious about anything and anyone I care about and when I conduct business.

What would be A COOL fact about you that would surprise your fans?

I write poetry and music that have yet to be released. I am a volunteer basketball coach.

Have you been able to visit Haiti before? If yes, how was the experience?

Last time I visited Haiti, I was 6 years old. Though the memory is vague, I remember walking miles to a phone station to call my father while he was here in the States and I remember playing with my cousins and breaking my aunt’s biblo (figurines).

It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know, a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers.

Just because you don’t speak creole properly doesn’t mean that you are not Haitian. In my opinion, as long as you are actively trying to learn your culture and everything, you are Haitian whether you were born in Haiti or not.


A big thanks to Zoe Poze for this interview. It has been my absolute pleasure to work on this and with you. I have always seen the comedic side of you, but it was great to read about who you are outside of the comedian. Thank you for bringing laughter into our homes…

Xoxo !

Lady Sergine 🌹💋

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