Shirley Dorsainvil A Modern Day Woman!

One day someone send me Haitian Who Blog Instagram page. I started to follow them, that’s how I find out about my next interviewee, Shirley Dorsainvil, the curator of Haitians Who Blog. If you follow her then you know her page is all about educating us about a range of different topics. She’s outspoken, funny, always in my opinion bringing something different on social media. One thing you can’t do for sure is box her in one category, Shirley is those type of people if your child look up too, you’ll know you’ve done something right. I applaud any young lady who doesn’t let social media defined them, or anything for that matters , they walk to the beat of their own drums. I am looking forward to all of you reading her interview .

F868DCF1-81D3-4D98-85B3-E44B5233C009How did Haitians who blog started? What had inspired you to start it?

Back in 2016 I was searching for Haitian creatives to serve as an online mentor. In my search I could not find anyone who matched my industry. So I took to different social media platforms to find any. However, I was stuck in a circle of the same few creatives. So, I started Haitians Who Blog to alleviate that concern and reduce that search for those who are looking for inspiration or mentors just as I did.

Looking at how far you’ve come , and how much you’ve accomplished, how does it feel?

How much I’ve accomplished is beyond my imagination. From being awarded top 20 under 40, to being blessed to start my small business due to my connection with Haitians Who Blog, it feels completely affirming to my mission of ‘inspiring to aspire” others.

To any aspiring blogger, YouTuber, or any content creators for that matter, what advice can you give them?

I would advise them to develop a content creation routine. That content creation routine will stimulate consistency. Consistency will stimulate growth for you as a novice or aspiring creative!

Through the things you’ve learned is there one thing you wished someone had told you about prior to embarking on this new journey?

I use to say I wished I had someone to tell me specific things about my journey but, I would have never learned. It just would have been information given to me. I am honored to go through the growing pains of learning!

You’ve have always been vocal about lots of important topics, why is important to speak up?

I actually use to be very quiet about speaking up until the day I did. After speaking up, I learned of the lives I IMPACTED, the people I inspired, and the small changes I made in the community. Because of this I continue my journey through vulnerability.

Sex, is a topic you discuss all the time, why is it important to talk about it?

Sex is the most biological aspect of life and I think it is important to highlight that in a professional manner so others can gain a better understanding of this biological aspect.

Why do you think people make such a big deal talking about it ( Sex)?

I think people are conditioned to believe it is something that should be kept private nor something you can seek advice for. This narrative is slightly toxic because how are you suppose to excel at something that is kept in secrecy.

You talk openly about your sexuality, and what you’ve learned. Do you ever fear that it could tarnish your brand in our community ( because we are very much “conservative” as a society .)

Being that the Haitian community is overtly conservative, I worry frequently about how my openness and vulnerability with sexuality might do to my brand. However, my blunt and forward nature allows for me to see past that fear and turn that into passion. Adding a purpose behind my vulnerability has definitely shifted the narrative for me.

As a therapist, looking in our society what are the things you think that are imperative for us to change in order to break generational dysfunctional habits?

Our generation is information forward. Meaning, we must be presented with the information from our favorite celebrity, influencer, public figure, and who ever holds a hire position to influence the masses. So, a way to combat our generational curses, starts with literacy and education.

To be Young, and to have so much success in your field how does it feels ?

It is so hard to even accept that people view me as accomplished. I get super shocked when ever I even hear it. So, today, I am still in shock that I am as accomplished as I am today at such a young age.
As we are trying to adapt to our new normal for this year, how have you stayed motivated, and what advice would you share with those brands?Motivation comes from my followers. When I feel down, I ask them because they are my target and I am marketing my products or services to them. I give them a say in my brand so they can feel a bit more connected.

Shirley, you are an inspiration to so many myself included, what does it mean to have so many looks up to you?

Back in 2018, I developed my lifes quote, “I aspire to inspire”. I have lived by it ever since. So to hear that I am living up to my lifes quote, it is beyond affirming.

Do you ever feel pressured to hold yourself up to any standard because of so many who looks up to you?

Everyday! I wake up wanting to change my image in order to develop that standard, societal look. Until I realize that people are attracted to me, to my brand, to my services because of my individuality and my difference from the norm. So, I just keep it pushing.

You’ve kept your relationship private for such a long time, what factor player into making it public?

I believe every creative goes through life transitions. And in those life transitions, your fan base moves with you. So, I knew my relationship was flourishing into a beautiful connection that my fans would really benefit from experiencing or seeing. So, I decided to bring it out into the open.
Through this platform you’ve gained, what do you hope to accomplish? What do you hope people will learn from you?I am honestly moving with the flow. I am only moving in the direction the brand allows me

As a content creator, digital marketing, what’s one trend you wish that would go away? And why?

TikTok Challenges being posted on Instagram make my head hurt! Mannnnnn! Can we leave Tik Tok on Tik Tok where it strives and grows!

How can we better our Haitian community for bloggers, YouTubers, or content creator? What are we lacking?

We are really lacking marketing skills and support. Some bloggers, YouTubers, and creatives just post to post and then blow up Haitian platforms like we owe them the justice of sharing. When in reality, they should be connecting with these platforms and collaborating. Stop the spam and actually network. That is how you get real exposure.

After gaining such success, you could have just focus on this. But instead, you manage to graduate in YOUR MASTER program, why was it important? I have read that your grandparents adopted you, do you that think that’s one of the reasons you become a therapist?

My social media brand was a hobby, turned passion, turned profit. And there, it shall remains. Therapy has ALWAYS been my passion work. I became a counselor because its been my life’s work! From living with my schizophrenic mother, to being adopted and struggling with identity because of the lack of insight from my adoptive parents. I wanted to be the change in families. I wanted to shift the narrative within Black families and even within Black relationships because I wasn’t provided the same opportunity growing up.

Do you ever feel like not having your real parents around affected you, or was it like you can’t miss what you didn’t have?

I do not really think about life with my real parents. It was never an option because one was absent and the other was mentally ill.

YOU exude confidence, would you mind sharing your secrets with us who struggle with self-confidence?

I know that I grew into loving myself right after high school. I would show myself self-compassion and say positive things about myself. I will not pretend that I did not experience negative thoughts, but, I clouded them with positive thoughts of myself.

We live in a society where people make you feel like if you are not in a relationship there’s a problem. What’s your advice for our single ladies?

GIRL! Being single is never a problem and never will be. Remind those people that you would rather a healthy relationship than to be in a relationship that is not the best for you. Singlehood is the best space to discover you without always thinking of “we”.


Shirley, are you reading why interesting books at the moment? If yes, their titles, and would you recommend to read?

Currently I am reading books related to my practice. So, learning how to help teens and women during stressful and high anxiety times. A book I recently completed was “Claim your Crown” by Haitian author Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien. Amazing book for women of faith to explore their confidence and worth.

If we would look in your playlist who would be the last person you’ve listened too?

I listen to Ari Lennox probably every day.! So you will be catching her in my playlist.

Favorite movie and why?
Love and Basketball. I was a young girl, obsessed with Basketball, looking for a man who was obsessed with it just like I was. And lets be honest, when Monica lost her virginity at prom, I dream losing mine the same exact way.
Without …..

Shirley wouldn’t feel complete.
self-care practices, I would not feel complete for sure. Often times I am working so much, I forget to relax.

Everyone has that one thing that brings them joy whenever they are feeling down. What’s yours?

FOOODD! But, it has to be my favorite traditional Haitian Food. Boulette to be specific.

When do you think of Haiti what comes to mind?

Honestly, the lack of progress in the community as a whole. Often times it feels as if the country has taken 50 steps back when we should be walking 50 steps forward.

Thank you Shirley for allowing me to feature you on the blog. I look forward to watch you grow and keep breaking those barriers. Make sure to follow Shirley @shirleydor_ & @haitianwhoblog!


Lady Sergine  🌹💋

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