Doris Adéclat : Dorishaiti

I’m always asking my friends about who they think I should interview as I focus more on Haitian musicians. It dawn on me that they are so many amazing young people doing phenomenal work . So I have taken a better interest at what’s going on around, and to shed light on those amazing young people in our community that are working hard. A friend/ client of mine introduced me to Doris, and asked me to write an article about her. I said yes, which I’m grateful I did. I’m amazed by how many smart, talented young people we have. Doris talked about her passion for food, and what it’s like to be a young influencer in our community. I will never stop saying this, Haiti needs to keep making space for our young talents.

Tell the ladybugs about who Doris is.

I think this question was one of those kinds of difficult question I had to answer lol: my name is Doris, I am 24 years old, an entrepreneur, a girl who loves to live, a girl who appreciates every little thing and her life, and a simple girl who wants to be an inspiration to others.

You are known as an influencer, what made you decide to dabble in this world?

Girl, being an influencer wasn’t my objective. I just wanted to share my passion, my positive energy, and voila I am labeled as an influencer. And I am glad that I am able to impact other people’s lives positively so I guess I am an influencer.

Kwot.kreyol” is your other Instagram page which centered on inspirational quotes. What made you create an account?

As a social media influencer, I became more informed about how to organize your page online so I decided to separate the pages to focus on my specific niche. Being that I have a very colorful personality so I don’t have to be specific on the Dorishaiti page.

How do you stay positive through everything that is going on?

By being grateful for everything in my life. I am breathing, I am eating, I have a roof over my head. Having all those kind people surrounding me makes me stronger and makes me want to work hard for a better tomorrow.

As a brand ambassador/influencer, how do you investigate anyone before working with them?

The first thing I do is going on the page to see what is it all about, and I have to test the products or services. It has to be aligned with my brand, with my personality.

You currently have a show on Instagram every Sunday, why did you choose Insta as a platform ?

The fact that I have more followers on Instagram makes me feel like I can reach more people to share the valuable information that we talk about.

What made you want to start a show ? What do you hope to achieve through your show ?

A lot of people want to give up about what is happening in the world. I just want to remind them even celebrities go through hardship and they don’t give up. I want to give them hope and tell them not to give up when life gets hard.

You love to cook, should we expect more from you ?

Haha, get ready for unexpected things from me because I’m here to succeed and cooking is my passion since I was a little girl. So yes, I’m cooking something special and it’s coming up.

We live in a world where black people are not treated equally, especially black women. What advice could you give any young black girls ?

Educate yourself

Know your rights

Love yourself hard

You’re so valuable, leave your mark on this earth.

What does the black lives matter mean to you ?

Even though slavery ended a long time ago, racism still exists. We need to be aware of our surroundings period. It’s 2020 and we still fighting for equality. We have a long way to go.

How has the pandemic been treating you ? What have you done to stay positive ?

Ouhhh, I’m not saying I’m positive all day because if I say so I am not human. I have brighter days, I have dark days. I’m trying to stay positive by learning new things that I never had time for, by staying more connected with family and friends.

Doris, what is the word that best describes you ?

If you forget my name call me GRATEFULISTA: a woman who is grateful for all that she has but still working for what she wants.

It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know, a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers.

Sergine first of all, I want to tell you how grateful I am for this interview, and I really love your work ethics. Keep doing the good work. For the readers:

You are you, stay you.

Stop worrying about what people say and focus on your path.

A huge thank you to Doris, for allowing me to publish her on the blog. I am looking forward to what you do next. Nothing makes me more happy than to watch our generation defying the odds !!


Lady Sergine 🌹💋

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