To An Angel!

Dear God, why did it have to be her? Why? We are not supposed to question.. But I am.. Death just knocks on our door whether we are ready or not. It has a way of snatching the people we love without warning.

 Monday morning I woke up to a text from a friend asking me to confirm the passing of my friend Namara. I was like what do you mean. I texted a few people asking them if they have heard from her. Everyone’s answer was like no, it has been awhile. Next thing I saw was everyone posting her.

I was like there’s no way on earth she passed away. I texted her “ Namara ca va ?” It was just pure silence. I was extremely numb. I didn’t want to post her because I knew the moment I did it people would be texting me and asking me about her. I would’ve had to tell them the truth . I felt devastated, hurt, angry. Angry because I should have kept in touch throughout the years. I was angry because she was only 27 years old. I was angry because the last time I saw her was at a club and all we did was hugs and laughs. Namara was such a beautiful person inside and out. She treated everyone with love and kindness. She was SO mischievous, always ready for a good ole prank, but she has never been mad with anyone. I can remember her being annoyed but never angry. Always down for a good laugh.

Starting in a new school is always hard, it’s a new environment but she made me feel like I belonged there. She welcomed me with an open arms. Always so kind, making fun of me. I can remember us sitting by each other in class and we would be laughing about something “ stupid ”. She had this look on her face when she was about to strike, you could already tell she is up to something. One class we had together and I loved was “Litterature Francaise.” (French literature) because our teacher was so funny, the way he spoke or mannerisms would always make her laugh.

Our math teacher was my tutor in 10th grade. She would tell me to ask him what was going to be on a test and figure it out for our test tomorrow whatever it takes. My other favorite memory was when we would have lab , lol I am pretty sure this lady (Madame Missia) hated our class in 10th grade because we were wild and restless, Namara was number one.

We used to spend 5 days a week at school and 40 hours or more with each other. So we all ended up developing great relationships. When you go to school in Haiti, you pretty much run into the same circle whether you are close or not.

11th grade .

Namara, I am sorry that your life on earth was cut short. I hope you know how much we all love you. We all have shared some of the greatest memories with you. You were an angel on earth who has accomplished her mission. God needed you more than we do. Your light will never stop shining in our hearts. Thank you for being YOU, funny, loving, smart, caring.

The fact that I am writing this blog post today really broke me. I am sending healing vibes to all of your loved ones, family and friends. To Namara’s parents, you have raised such a beautiful soul, she was a light to everyone. This girl has touched our lives in ways that we will NEVER be able to explain.

My love, je t’aime. Un jour je raconterai à mes enfants nos histoires. Merci d’avoir été gentille avec moi , merci de m’avoir accueillie à bras ouverts. Pars en paix. Fly high to be with your mom, I know you missed her. God couldn’t wait to have his angel back.

To La promotion Zahir who had been together for years, I am sorry for your loss. I know some of you have been with Namoumou longer than me , I can slightly imagine your pain. I pray that you all will remember her as this beautiful , kind-hearted angel.

2009 school pic ( Namara right in front of me)

Love always SERG❤️

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