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“Group Betenson Constant,” A Multi-Dove Gospel Band

Mr. Constant, please introduce yourself to the public:

My name is Betenson Constant, lead singer of Group Betenson Group, but call me Constant. I am 33 years old. I was born in a Christian-devoted home where Sunday meant “Worship Day.” Glorifying and singing for God has always been a passion that I am excited to share with the band.

What is your vision for the Band?

My vision for the band has always been the same: “Creating a safe environment for all Gospel singers from all over.” I dream of walking the world singing to preach the word of God with our music. Each one of us in the group walks in different churches in Haiti, but we always get to meet every weekend to rehearse.

Where are you guys located?

We are evolving in Haiti, but we also get to play in the Dominican Republic occasionally by popular demand.

I’ve heard a few of your songs, have you released an album ?

Our first album called “Jezi se sou m konte” was released in December 2019; which took place in the church of Hosanna in Las Americas, Santo Domingo. We have posted videos on our YouTube channel as well as our other social media .

Any upcoming project for the near future ?

This summer we would like to respond to the many invitations that we have in the United States and abroad. We are accustomed to playing in many high-profile Evangelical activities such as the “Haiti en Louanges Festival” (Delly Benson).

Have you participated in festivals before or hosted one of yourself ?

We played a lot of concerts in Petion-Ville, Church on Le Roche Delmas and Tabarre. We also played at the TNH television national d’Haïti’s party.

Have you encountered any difficulties bringing the group together?

It was not an easy process me to bring this dream of mine together but with the help of my people I was able to. Betoministries is the name of the visionary Betenson and we are looking for other people who have the same goal as us so that we can achieve this dream now, we now have 17 members, some who play instruments and some who sings.

We are happy to welcome and recruit singers from all ages to join our ministry, and share our passion with us.

-Mitzy Jastram

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