International Women’s Day

Gloria Steinem, a world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained, “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist, nor to any one organization, but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.”

Before writing this , I googled international women’s day to see how far we’ve come and how much we have left…I want to celebrate every woman but most importantly I want to celebrate women of color for having it twice as hard as everyone else . Being a woman is extremely exhausting; We have to double the work to be seen as great as our male coworker. 

Women are more than just mothers, wives, or cooks . We are the “poto mitan” (foundation) of our families but yet we still struggle to find a non-judgmental place in our community. We judge those who put their careers first. We judge those who CHOSE to be housewives . We as a community don’t make it easy for each other .

And yet, we don’t know when to come together to brave those who think we are no fit to run a country. We are labeled as emotional when we are standing our ground . Before we even speak, we are subject to a silent interrogation, we are judged on our looks . “She is not pretty enough or she is too pretty to know what she’s talking about . Or she is using her sexuality , look at how she’s dressed. Is she capable of doing the job?” Here’s a perfect example: no matter how much credential Michelle Obama had, we talked about her physics, we questioned her capacity to accomplish successfully 8 years as the First Lady of America. We still questioned her despite how qualified she was .

We don’t get the fair chance to even prove ourselves based on talents or intelligence. When we walk into a room and speak our mind, we already know the possible consequences. We are just fighting to be seen more than sexual objects . Nothing irritates me more when I see the treatment we are subjected to at work. How many times have you spoken your mind but you know already that nothing will be taken seriously?

I salute the men who make sure to treat women as equal and are not intimidated by their intelligence . We were created to do so much more than being a mom or wife, or a caregiver . We’ve watched generation after generation women fighting for justice . We’ve watched Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a house representative get questioned all the time for not only being a woman  but on top of that, a woman of color . When you look at her background and the work she’s done , you will know that she is OVERQUALIFIED for her position .

We have accomplished so much, therefore we’ve been able to sit at many tables or make important decisions. It has not been an easy road . Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with a renowned chef. She brought up how hard it is for her as a woman. Cheffe X :” Yes, the culinary world is overly competitive, and there’s not as many women as you would expect. It has been hard for me in a lot of ways but I’m going to acknowledge my privilege of being white as made it easy. Not as easy it should have been.”

Yes we are thankful for all of the strikes we’ve made but we need to be respected for our choices. Being treated equally doesn’t mean “I’m not going to respect my husband.” Or seeing as “the talent” won’t make you any less than me . The decisions we make with our body are our choices. It’s not up for the men we elected to decide. Stop using the Bible as a weapon to make women who want to have a balanced home, life and career feel guilty about it.

So I’m raising my glass to all of the SHEROEEE we have in our lives. A special toast to my grandmothers, mother, aunts, cousins and those in my family who came before me . I’m grateful for all you have instilled in me . Thank you for always reminding me that education comes first and marriage and kids after. Thank you for always telling me I can accomplish all of my heart desires.

I’m praying for a more diverse, race inclusive world for women . May we never have to worry about what we wear, or choose to do with our body. May when we enter a room, we are not worried about the way we dress . Because our work , talents , intelligence and degrees will be enough .

Love always

Lady Sergine 💋


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