Charlin Bato: “ Music itself is a vast scope of knowledge, stemming all throughout history..”

Hi Ladybugs, last year someone introduced me to the next artist , I’m interviewing for the blog. I thought he was talented, and he’s been putting work for the past few years. So it’s amazing to see him getting the recognition he’s getting. He is talented, and he has amazing songs. I wanted to come back with the interview series with some fresh blood lol. So I hope you’ll enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Tell us about who Charlin Bato is

Charlin Bato is my artist’s name and enterprise. Music producer, songwriter, and composer. Charlin Bato has been active for 3 years. Moreover, it is also classified as an entity, with many captains onboard. This ship was designed and established to accommodate all individuals, regardless of race and social status.

You are an upcoming artist in the HMI, how has the experience been so far. Music style, what is yours?

The music business itself is a learning experience- the more successful, the more responsibilities. My style is hybrid.

Who or what has inspired you to take a leap in the music industry?

I have many inspirations. First, I will give praise to Jehovah God, because I believe He has gifted me with such talent, which feels as if it is too big of a burden for some people (I have tremendous dreams).

A Chak Fwa was the song that introduced me to you. Did you expect the response to be so overwhelming?

A Chak Fwa was to be expected. However, I will be forever grateful to MIKABEN, who spent countless nights with me in the studio producing this record. ONE HIT, A CHAK FWA. And I told myself, “If MIKA likes it, our nation will too”. I choose to make music that makes me feel so good that you could dance away all your pain without even realizing. Check out my singleLage Cha, it has all the answers.

You have some amazing collaborations. What is it that makes you say yes for collabs?

All my collaborations are unique, but they all revolve around the idea of demonstrating positive energy and the drive to learn. This is because music itself is a vast scope of knowledge, stemming all throughout history and to all parts of the world, no matter what the culture or language. If the music is inspirational and can challenge me, I am eager and willing to collaborate with other skilled musicians who share the same passion and will undoubtably take on the project and say yes.

How do you stay above the negativity that comes with this territory?

I stay focus on God and in my music. I do not focus on negativity. If you cannot help me become the best version of myself, you cannot be part of my team.

Besides music, what else are you passionate about?

I love to pray, I love to meditate, and I love listening to podcasts.

3 words that describe you and why:

Faith, family, and music.

Faith: has won it! Fear has lost it! Keep your faith in light every day and you will keep the Devil in fright always!

Family: I grew up with so much love, so all I know is love and forgiveness. In the end, family means everything to me.

Music: it gives wings to the mind and life to everything. Music is my therapy, and it gives me purpose. There is a French Quote that Says: La musique est l’art de combiner les sons d’une manière agreable a l’oreille, d’emouvoir le coeur et parfois meme d’exalter notre ame.

If you were granted 1 wish, what would you like it to be and why?

Peace of mind, because with that I would know that I successfully achieved everything I wanted and was fully in love with everything in my life.

You are a father, what is your favorite thing about being a dad?

Being a father made me realize how good of a procreator I am. I have beautiful children and it is always fun to be around them. I just love them so much; words cannot describe it.

So, what is next for you (albums, collaborations, etc.)?

2023 has been nothing but great to me. I have many great collaborations and my album is ready- I am just taking my time. Thank you very much for your time with this interview, I am truly appreciative.

Thank you to Charlin , for this interview , we look forward to see what you’ll do next. We wish you the best.


Lady Sergine 💋


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