Tafa Mi-Soleil: Music Is My Gift !!

So honored to have this artist on the blog, a few years back someone told me about her. But never took the time to fully listen to the artist until last year, I heard her on someone’s project and she caught my attention. I was very impressed when I listened to her music , also loved the thing she spoke up too on social media . So it’s only right that I interview her. I hope my ladybugs you’ll enjoy this as much as I did writing it for you.

We know Tafa the singer, who is Saint louis Evenie Rose?

My name is Saint-Louis Evenie Rose Thafaina, I was born on March 17 1998, and I’m a pisces and the second born of my family, I have two brothers and a sister. I study theater, and fashion . I love everything about art and fashion.

What defines you as an artist ?

I think for me it’s my ability to create. To innovate, it’s the fact that I can see something in my head and able to build it, to make it real with of my own hand

Every artist sees music through a different lens, what does music mean to you?

Music it’s a gift for me. A gift that I’m glad to share with people. It’s where I can take refuge, when something is wrong I can take refuge in it and be free. Music is a dream for me.

Lakou is the new song, talk about the inspiration behind it?

Firstly I wasn’t looking for Lakou, it just came to me. The truth is, I was trying to write about something else but instead Lakou came to me. The inspiration for it comes from my people, from what we are as Haitian, it’s our culture, our daily life. It’s what nature provides us as Haitian people. And a word I was inspired by what makes us Haitian .

Is LAKOU the introduction of your next project ?

Lakou is the first song that comes out from my next project, which is an EP and the name is Phoenix. Lakou is the announcement of Phoenix.

The next project you will have out, describe it in one word? What are your fans going to think of it?

I think renaissance will be how I can describe it. I’m not sure about what my fans will think about it. As an artist when you create something, you always expect for the better but in reality you cannot anticipate what your fans will think of your project. All you can do is hope they like it. Hope for the best.

You have collaborated with so many amazing artist, who do you hope to work with in the feature?

I don’t think a lot about it but if I have to say I’m thinking of Emeline Michel, Naika, Micheal Brun, Paul Beaubrun, Malou Beauvoir and a couple others .

Not many people know you can write, why do you think that ?

To be honest I don’t think too much about that, I mean maybe because I don’t say it enough. But yes I do write. I do not only sing, I write my musics, poems. I mostly write poems.

With your art what do you hope to achieve whether through music or fashion?

In fashion I hope to own the biggest fashion house in Haiti and for my music I hope I can be known worldwide as a great Haitian singer.

Talking about fashion, what sparked your love for it ?

For me the sparks I have when it comes to fashion is the liberty that it gives me. The fact that through it I can freely express myself.

Read somewhere you hope to come with your own fashion line, which is remarkable.When can we ex

People can expect it this year, hopefully before the end of the year. Because most of the work is already done.

When a person sees the clothing line, what would they think ?

They would think extravagant, I mean people will think it’s different, it’s classy, fashionable, it’s fire. It’s high fashion.

If given a chance to do something with no consequences, what would you do and why?

I’m not sure I can say it, besides what I can’t say. Frankly I don’t think about that.

One fun fact about you?

Recently I found out I was shorter than I believed. I’m not sure I should say it but I’m not as an expert in football as I thought I mean I don’t know anything. I think the fact that I don’t know how to ride a bike is a surprise for most people.

You have so many tattoos which I think is cool what about tattoo that attract you!? What do they mean to you ?

Tattoo is also a form of art and through it I believe people can express themselves, and tell their stories. Each of my tattoos tell a story of its own.

It is a tradition for me to ask anyone who I am interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say to my audience. Do you have a message or anything that you think my readers would like to know about you

I don’t think there is anything else for me to say. I think we cover everything or at least most of it. I just wanna say thank you for having me and special thanks to all my fans and everyone who listens and shares my music. Keep being a part of my dream every time you’re supporting my art .

A huge thank you to Tafa and her staff for making the process easy ! I’m looking forward to see what you do next ! I’m excited to hear your next project! Wishing you the absolute best


Lady Sergine 🌹


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