Allo Les amours!


I’m Sergine Uriel Régnier ,trying to enjoy this thing call life. Born May 16, 1994 in Connecticut. Attending college as an International Business major and a minor in journalism.

I’m an American- Haitian; who spent most of her life in Haiti before moving back to the states  5 years ago . Haiti is where my heart will forever belong , I love this country with every fiber of me. Despite what people say it’s a BEAUTY! Currently living the New York life, besides the cold I truly love everything about this place from the food, to the clothes etc . But I’m ready to live somewhere else already, in need for some adventure☺️. Because I live for changes, I can’t be put for too long.

I’m a weirdo, Funny, caring, smart and loving young girl. I try to be positive as much as I can. I love to cook, read, travel, to take pictures,love to go on adventures, & I’m a country girl. I’m a God lover, because he’s my savior.

I’m on a journey called life and I thought why not start a blog so I can share my journey with others beside my family and friends. And also to learn from others.

Hope my blog can inspire YOU to live your life fully and very authentic. Also to stay true to who you are!

P.S. One more little thing I LOVE chocolate 😋😉and I can’t live without my RED lipstick 😜.

Xoxo 😘

Lady S ❤️

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