Les Aventures de Lady Sergine & Friends

When me and my roommates get very busy, it become impossible to do anything. We are also very frugal lol it’s the college student within us all that makes us this way. The bills don't pay themselves lol. A usual night usually consists of game night or a hang at the house. But last Thursday,… Continue reading Les Aventures de Lady Sergine & Friends



(True story, the clouds calms me down whenever I'm feeling way over my head) Every day I get asked this question about how's life since I've been back. I respond that it's overwhelmed with everything I have to do. Seems like I have to put my life back in order. I've been back for almost… Continue reading OVERWHELMED?!?


Phyllisia Ross

Phyllisia Ross the girl who has become an Haitian Internet sensation. My experience on how I discovered her, was one day I was on YouTube watching videos , somehow her song started to play next. I was listening without really listening , out of nowhere something caught my attention, I was glued to my laptop… Continue reading Phyllisia Ross