2o Days Later !!

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes it meaningful. Joshua J. Marine  20 days later, here we are. What a challenge? It was brutal in a way but interesting, to say the least. What I found about this challenge was how discipline you must be. To be honest, I didn’t… Continue reading 2o Days Later !!


Maybe ONE day we will ?

               ‘Love changes everything so feels the world with it” Kid President                   When the Paris bombing happened, I was out with a close friend, having a good time. I went on Facebook and saw everyone talking about Paris, and I thought, "what now?” So I got… Continue reading Maybe ONE day we will ?


Mlle Regnier au fourneau!! :)

“No ONE is born a great cook, One learns by doing” Unknown   We all have something that makes us happy, it can be reading, writing etc., but one of mine is cooking. I get in these moods and cook some fine meals. I don't like people helping me, I like doing it alone because… Continue reading Mlle Regnier au fourneau!! 🙂