Pascalin Smith -Paska Music

One day, while I was scrolling down on Instagram, I came across a cover of one of Kai songs “Malad” by Paska.. I admit that, surprisingly, the cover was really good. Then, over the past  year, I saw him growing and getting bigger in the Haitian Music Industry whether it was with his songs' covers… Continue reading Pascalin Smith -Paska Music


Les aventures de Lady Sergine et The Yayas

(The PICO Tequilla) For those of you who don't know, I moved to the city from Long Island. I originally moved to Long Island in 2011 with my auntie J. After applying to different colleges I decided to go to Brooklyn. It's been a minute since I've been back home. This weekend my cousin/ sister… Continue reading Les aventures de Lady Sergine et The Yayas


Princess Eud

I've always heard of Princess Eud, but never knew exactly who she was until last year. I was reading an article on her, and I fell in love with the Rapper or I should say the person. I've been learning so much about her that I've decided she should be one of the people that… Continue reading Princess Eud


Let Me Introduce You To☺️😉…

I'm very big on supporting my friends or anyone for that matter. So I've decided to interview one of my good friends Marvens Derosiers on his pursuit of making one of his dream a reality. I'm rooting for him all the way because I know he can do it. Soon to be working closely with… Continue reading Let Me Introduce You To☺️😉…