Reflecting On 2016, As I Share my Hopes for 2017

We are 24 days into the New Year (already)! Why do I feel like it's been more than 24 days? And a new President is in the office. A lot of things has already happened in this New Year. Praying that God covers America because it's going to be a longgg and bumpy road. I… Continue reading Reflecting On 2016, As I Share my Hopes for 2017


2o Days Later !!

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes it meaningful. Joshua J. Marine  20 days later, here we are. What a challenge? It was brutal in a way but interesting, to say the least. What I found about this challenge was how discipline you must be. To be honest, I didn’t… Continue reading 2o Days Later !!


20 Days Challenge With Lady Sergine !!

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” ― Jalaluddin Rumi Finally, it's November; I feel like Fall has settled in which is superb. My favorite month, not really but one of my FAVORITE people in the world was born in November, and it's my MOMMA :). Love her to death! Besides… Continue reading 20 Days Challenge With Lady Sergine !!


Help me celebrate MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ❤️

Dear beautiful lovebugs !! We have 10 more days until we celebrated the blog one year anniversary. So I was thinking that you guys should email me to let me know, what have been your favorites blog posts & why ? I would Love for you guys to tell me how much have they've inspired… Continue reading Help me celebrate MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ❤️


An Open Letter To My Father 

Dear Dad,          June 21st 2014 at 6:30 pm I lost my best friend, my dad, other half. I am seriously writing this letter to let you know how much you wrecked my world when you left. Nothing has been the same. It's been an everyday battle, but let me reassure you, it's… Continue reading An Open Letter To My Father 


Letting go? Maybe? Why Not?

Should we say farewell to all that we know? I think it's about this time. We totally do, without a doubt in my mind, need to say goodbye to everything that might be holding us back or hurting us. I was talking to one of my closest friend, and she was explaining to me how… Continue reading Letting go? Maybe? Why Not?


Maybe, I don’t know 😩

  I've really been in love twice in my life. No more than that. I don't consider anything that happened in my life to be a mistake. I call them "lessons😫". Besides that, I only have one regret of not making things right with one ex. You know when you feel like there's a connection… Continue reading Maybe, I don’t know 😩