Letting go? Maybe? Why Not?

Should we say farewell to all that we know? I think it's about this time. We totally do, without a doubt in my mind, need to say goodbye to everything that might be holding us back or hurting us. I was talking to one of my closest friend, and she was explaining to me how… Continue reading Letting go? Maybe? Why Not?


Maybe, I don’t know 😩

  I've really been in love twice in my life. No more than that. I don't consider anything that happened in my life to be a mistake. I call them "lessons😫". Besides that, I only have one regret of not making things right with one ex. You know when you feel like there's a connection… Continue reading Maybe, I don’t know 😩



Suicidal ? Why? •The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. Juliette Lewis •                           Today I was having a conversation with someone very close to me. By close, I mean a family member. She was telling how much she… Continue reading WHY🤔🤔?


To my broken-hearted 😇

Lately, I've seen that a lot of people would lose a special someone in their lives around the most fantastic time of the year. Which makes it ten times harder to enjoy the holidays. Let me start by saying I am sorry for your loss. I feel your pain deeply, and I know nothing seems… Continue reading To my broken-hearted 😇