Shameless – we all screwed up…

Hello Ladybugs, It’s me: T (lady Sergine's assistant)! Today, I want to share something with you. It might be helpful, who knows? It’s been days since I’ve been binge-watching an American comedy series, Shameless, that my brother got me into. It’s an interesting one and believe it or not, one can learn through it. Well,… Continue reading Shameless – we all screwed up…


A little Introduction To: Carl R. Latortue

Carl Latortue, someone I met when I used to go to Suffolk community College. I met him through mutual friends. From there we develop a friendship, we used to seat with each other in between classes. I remember like It was yesterday how he would make fun of me at school. Those were good times… Continue reading A little Introduction To: Carl R. Latortue


Adventures In NYC

New York City is the place to live if you want to know what REAL SPONTANEOUS nights are. I went to meet with a good friend/ Mentor of mine on Friday to grab a bit. We haven't really seen each other that much. So it was really nice to go see Sam. I meet up… Continue reading Adventures In NYC


The birth of a Haitian Olympian Swimmer Naomy Grand’Pierre

Honestly the 1st video I ever saw of her was on Facebook, when Naomy talked  about her preparation to the Olympic . After that I kept on finding a lot of articles written about Naomy Grand'Pierre the 1st female ever to represent Haiti in the Olympics. I was like who is she? I need to… Continue reading The birth of a Haitian Olympian Swimmer Naomy Grand’Pierre


“Bless The Broken Roads”

I couldn't sleep last night so I was watching some videos on YouTube, somehow I ended up on America Got talent show page. Which I'm grateful I did, I've been loving this family "The Edgar family" (wish they made it to the finals because they areeee aMazing, definitely check them out on YouTube). Anyway, they… Continue reading “Bless The Broken Roads”


Help me celebrate MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ❤️

Dear beautiful lovebugs !! We have 10 more days until we celebrated the blog one year anniversary. So I was thinking that you guys should email me to let me know, what have been your favorites blog posts & why ? I would Love for you guys to tell me how much have they've inspired… Continue reading Help me celebrate MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ❤️


Boston bred Haitian Princess: Rebecca Zama 😍

Rebecca Zama, is one of the most talented upcoming artists I believe in the Haitian industry. For the past few months I've been following her every move on social media and one thing I can say that there is a lot of talent within her. Her voice is so sweet and soft, but yet powerful.… Continue reading Boston bred Haitian Princess: Rebecca Zama 😍


Les aventures de Lady Sergine et The Yayas

(The PICO Tequilla) For those of you who don't know, I moved to the city from Long Island. I originally moved to Long Island in 2011 with my auntie J. After applying to different colleges I decided to go to Brooklyn. It's been a minute since I've been back home. This weekend my cousin/ sister… Continue reading Les aventures de Lady Sergine et The Yayas


The rising of a Star :Baky Popilè

I am not a fan of RAP and I probably will never be. It doesn't mean that I won't appreciate talents. But it does take a lot to make me fall in love with any artist. So when my best friend told me about him I was a little skeptical, but I must say that… Continue reading The rising of a Star :Baky Popilè



I absolutely hate talking about anything going on in the world because we all have different opinions. You know as a BLACK person who's really angry I've decided to talk about this. I’m hurting and feel lost. Come on y'all, it's 2016! Last night I couldn't sleep and kept tossing in my bed, going over… Continue reading IS IT A CRIME TO BE BLACK ?