Reflecting on Haiti 😁

(This picture is perfect on how I'm feeling about taking a trip down memory lane 😍) When I decided to move back home temporarily I did not know what I was going to do, but I knew it was the right thing. I am going back home in ONE week, let me tell you this… Continue reading Reflecting on Haiti 😁


To my broken-hearted 😇

Lately, I've seen that a lot of people would lose a special someone in their lives around the most fantastic time of the year. Which makes it ten times harder to enjoy the holidays. Let me start by saying I am sorry for your loss. I feel your pain deeply, and I know nothing seems… Continue reading To my broken-hearted 😇


A Journey That Never Stop!

I find myself asking this question all the time, am I on the right path? I wonder all the time if I'm accomplishing my mission on earth or if I’m using the gift that I was given because it surely feels like I'm not doing anything with my life .I especially tend to feel this… Continue reading A Journey That Never Stop!