Medjy Toussaint : Enposib

I discovered Enposib in March 2017, when I went to Haiti during Easter. When I saw a billboard about Roodyroodboy playing with Enposib and another Band, I for once wanted to go. I thought it would be fun, and it did. Fast forward to the night of the "Bal,” the moment that striked me the… Continue reading Medjy Toussaint : Enposib


Adventures In NYC

New York City is the place to live if you want to know what REAL SPONTANEOUS nights are. I went to meet with a good friend/ Mentor of mine on Friday to grab a bit. We haven't really seen each other that much. So it was really nice to go see Sam. I meet up… Continue reading Adventures In NYC


Les aventures de Lady Sergine et The Yayas

(The PICO Tequilla) For those of you who don't know, I moved to the city from Long Island. I originally moved to Long Island in 2011 with my auntie J. After applying to different colleges I decided to go to Brooklyn. It's been a minute since I've been back home. This weekend my cousin/ sister… Continue reading Les aventures de Lady Sergine et The Yayas


Les Aventures de Lady Sergine & Friends

When me and my roommates get very busy, it become impossible to do anything. We are also very frugal lol it’s the college student within us all that makes us this way. The bills don't pay themselves lol. A usual night usually consists of game night or a hang at the house. But last Thursday,… Continue reading Les Aventures de Lady Sergine & Friends