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“Group Betenson Constant,” A Multi-Dove Gospel Band

Mr. Constant, please introduce yourself to the public: My name is Betenson Constant, lead singer of Group Betenson Group, but call me Constant. I am 33 years old. I was born in a Christian-devoted home where Sunday meant “Worship Day.” Glorifying and singing for God has always been a passion that I am excited to… Continue reading “Group Betenson Constant,” A Multi-Dove Gospel Band


Nicolas Millet – Always Be Yourself ( Enposib)

Here we are, a year later with one of the most anticipated interviews. I have been following Enposib for quite some time now and I have become  a big fan of their work. It was such a great pleasure interviewing Nico. To some people, he is the quiet lead guitarist of Enposib and to others,… Continue reading Nicolas Millet – Always Be Yourself ( Enposib)


Mitzy : “Don’t ever think you aren’t beautiful or smart enough…”

I was first introduced to Mitzy when I was visiting a friend at her old university, in Haiti. After that meeting, she kept popping on my IG friends suggestions; so we started following each other. I was very intrigued by her because she seems so outgoing, and sweet. Plus, she uses her IG platform to… Continue reading Mitzy : “Don’t ever think you aren’t beautiful or smart enough…”


Mikaben: Education Is Not Only About Going To College

The first time I ever encountered this interviewee was at my school fair, in Haiti. On that day, after I watched him perform, well, I’ve become a huge fan. I mean, the man was my favorite at the time and he still is, honestly (lol). I used to have one of his songs, Si’m te… Continue reading Mikaben: Education Is Not Only About Going To College


Ayiiti-I’m not here to be what people want me to be

  I remember watching the “Drapo”m “ video trying to figure out who was who . One person who caught my attention was “Ayiiti.” Ironically enough, later that day , she popped up in my feed on IG. So, I started to follow her.  I love her ig ; it reflects a lot of positivity.… Continue reading Ayiiti-I’m not here to be what people want me to be


Hantz Fred Mercier- T-Ansyto

  To be honest , If it wasn’t for my friends and social media l would never know that Maestro and T-Ansyto are the same person . Well, I am not really connected to the Haitian music industry like I should, since I left Haiti. I’ve made progress, though, with the interviews I’ve been doing.… Continue reading Hantz Fred Mercier- T-Ansyto


Phyllisia Ross

Phyllisia Ross the girl who has become an Haitian Internet sensation. My experience on how I discovered her, was one day I was on YouTube watching videos , somehow her song started to play next. I was listening without really listening , out of nowhere something caught my attention, I was glued to my laptop… Continue reading Phyllisia Ross


Princess Eud

I've always heard of Princess Eud, but never knew exactly who she was until last year. I was reading an article on her, and I fell in love with the Rapper or I should say the person. I've been learning so much about her that I've decided she should be one of the people that… Continue reading Princess Eud


The next …. Tracy🔥

Intro I wanted to thank you Lady Sergine for giving me this opportunity to share my experience with your readers and for being such a supportive and inspiring soul. I am happy to be featured in the blog. Tell my readers a little bit about yourself ?  Well, my name is Tracy. Back home in… Continue reading The next …. Tracy🔥