“Wherever I go ” Michael Brun

Over the last few years, everyone was talking about Michael Brun, this young Haitian DJ whose taking over the world by storm while representing his country. When I mean everyone I mean everyone that I know. People were attending his events from left to right. He had some mega hits like "Wherever I go" etc.… Continue reading “Wherever I go ” Michael Brun


Port-De-Paix Own Little Star Mandela !!

 I have no doubt in my mind that this guy right here will amount to greater and better things. I've known Mandela for a while now. We have attended the same school; we were classmates at one point. I remember this funny, crazy boy in my class always giving us a good laugh. You can't… Continue reading Port-De-Paix Own Little Star Mandela !!


North-West Bright Star : Flav

Five years ago, my brother and best friends introduced me to this song “Fanm sa marem.” I was like not bad, love this song. Over the few years, I have followed them as their career progress. Well, I have one friend who is an absolute fan of Flav who talks about him all the time… Continue reading North-West Bright Star : Flav


The rising of a Star :Baky Popilè

I am not a fan of RAP and I probably will never be. It doesn't mean that I won't appreciate talents. But it does take a lot to make me fall in love with any artist. So when my best friend told me about him I was a little skeptical, but I must say that… Continue reading The rising of a Star :Baky Popilè


Is he the next Kenneth Frazier or Diddy????

I've met him through my cousin and surprisingly enough he was my neighbor which was crazy to me. But we had a good friendship but I guess things changed when we moved here. Meaning everyone got busy with life but let me just say that I am super proud of my friend. He's 22 about to… Continue reading Is he the next Kenneth Frazier or Diddy????


La Cabane 💋

Beautiful sunrise 😍 I've been meaning to blog about this beautiful place That I've been going for years every time I would come to Haiti. When I got here in December, I had a chance to spend a couple of days there which were AMAZING! It was like the beginning of my break so I… Continue reading La Cabane 💋