Carlo Vieux : The C in CaRiMi

The man behind one of the most amazing Bands that we ever had in the Haitian Industry CaRiMi. Over the last year, we’ve heard so much about the reasons why the band broke up. Whether it was because of the rivalries between Carlo and his bandmate Michael. It felt like it was a mystery until I interviewed him. I was like I want to understand not just as a fan who look up to them but also as a person. If you know me, then you know CaRiMi was a big part of my childhood. Francoise and I used to dance all night to their songs. Like we would be at my house or hers going crazy. When they broke up I thought it was a joke lol until I saw one of the bandmates posted a video about it. So I want to take you guys on the journey of Carlo Vieux, maybe you can learn a thing or two from him because I did. Plus I think a lot your questions have been answered.                       

Introduce yourself to my readers!

Hello to all, I am Carlo Vieux former owner, producer, and singer of CaRiMi.

If you could describe the whole journey with CaRiMi in one word, what would it be? And why?

My journey of 15 years with the group was simply amazing. Because I could not wish for a better musical career in our small industry. I believe we have achieved a lot for the culture and laid out a blueprint that other bands can follow to achieve success and I can tell that many new bands now are already following that blueprint and I am proud of that.

You guys have so many hits, what is a personal favorite of yours and why?

Lol its very tough to choose with so many. I would say Bang Bang, not only because it was our major hit, and the song that put us on the music map, but also because social political and economic issues are very important to me especially when it comes to my country. Therefore, this song was one of the best out of all of our hits and you can say my favorite.

You guys have traveled the world together, what was it like? What are the best memories you have of all this?

Oh yes, we did, I remember landing on the smallest landing strip in the world when we went to Saba Island for a show and that was an experience in of itself lol. We were sweating bricks lol. But we discovered a lot of places, mingled with many people from different cultures while bringing our culture to them. Most of the time we were on beautiful resorts, joking around, laughing together, eating great food together, and gave a great show on stage together. We had a great team.

What shocked us the most was the fact that you guys were at the peak of your career, national or international. So why break up? Are there any regrets?

Well, our lead singer had a lot of personal issues and needed a break, but he decided to take a permanent break and that is why we broke up. It was not anything that we could prevent, we tried but he really wanted to leave to deal with his personal issues. No regrets, everything happens for a reason, and am looking forward to my new journey, my new life outside of the music industry.

Describe what life after CaRiMi has been like.
It’s been great, lol. I am really enjoying it. I Am spending my weekends with my family more now and to me that is priceless. I always asked the guys for some days off to spend with the fam but it was always impossible due to our schedule, some days I had to ask for a replacement when I had weddings to go to or big family events, and these decisions caused frictions between me and the other guys, but I was always about family life and I believe that is when my interest in the music business started to disappear. A family changes the dynamics, and time offs are important once families come into play. But we were operating a business that put a lot of stress and tensions on our families, and that started taking a toll on everyone. So now that I have the chance to spend time with my family and able to transition smoothly from music to regular life, I am grateful and very happy. Was afraid of it at first cause right after college we released the album. But I have been able to transition into something else that I enjoy, and at the same time spend a lot of time with my family and close friends. Priceless.

I personally did not know you were married or have children until the breakup. How does it feel like to go from traveling all the time, to be at home more?

It’s been great, and my family is extremely happy, although I am still traveling every week. But instead of traveling and working on weekends, I travel and work during the weekdays and I am home with the family on weekends. But that change in schedule is great and I love it, I get to go watch my son play soccer and my daughter dance ballet. I hang out with friends literally every weekend and am able to plan trips and go out of the country. So I  am very happy and grateful. I love music but I had no flexibility. The lack of flexibility is great when you are single and have no family, but as I mentioned before that was no longer the case for us.

What’s one thing you hope your kids will learn from you? Do you think they understand what you do?

They learn that in life you should have options, never rely on one thing regardless of how successful my kids are and always have multiple sources of income. They are still small so I am glad I have been able to transition while they are still young. But it was tough when I was not spending enough time with them. Now all is good and I am grateful.

Carlo, both of your bandmate has created new bands. How does it feel like to watch them be on their own?

I Am proud of them, they were able to move on their own and challenge themselves musically. I wish them success and hope they continue making us dance with great music.

I have read that you have joined “5LAN” why go that route instead of creating your own band like your bandmates?

Well, when Dj 5 etoile contacted me about joining I was clear about one thing. I will not join a band full time. I always told myself that if one day Carimi broke up I would go and do something else outside of music. That I would quit the business cause I have done my experience, I know what the lifestyle is about, and would rather move on to other things. I do not care about spotlights, I do not care about fame at my age. Other things come into play when you are 39 and father of two, and fame is at the bottom of the list for me. So I told him that and he understood. He then told me that he wants to be flexible with me and that I could perform only when I want. So to me, it was a no-brainer, and I decided to go that route. Cause to create a band I would need a level of commitment that I do not have right now. Well, I do have a high level of commitment but for other things not to create a band. Been there, done that, I want to pursue other things and that is what am currently doing.

What has been the experience so far to be a part of “5LAN”?

Been great, I have the flexibility to perform when I want. After a stressful week at work some days I really enjoy performing with them. They are a great set of cool guys. Dj 5 etoiles and I actually went to the same high school in Haiti. He is a childhood friend of mine. If I could do it full time I would, but I really want to delve into other things.

If you could change one thing in your career, what would it be?

I would not change anything, everything happens in life for a reason. No time for regrets. I move on with great experience and maturity. it was well worth it.

What’s next for CARLO VIEUX?

I Am now in the healthcare industry. I have transitioned from music to consulting. I am now a healthcare IT consultant for a great company and I am excited about what the future holds.

How was college life for you? Do you have any regret about not going straight up to like a “9-5” job after you graduated?

College life? Lol, I had so much fun, home away from home, campus life. I went to Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ. I double majored in economics and political science, and minored in Math. Was a Lambda Theta Phi brother and still is, was an RA, was part of the judicial board. I had a lot of fun. Then went to grad school at Stony Brook and graduated with an MA in Public Policy. I believe God wanted me to have this experience so I will not regret it. I did want to go to law school but now I rather be in the healthcare industry.

Do you feel like after such success with CaRiMi, now it’s time to achieve a new goal?

Yes definitely, and that is at the core of why am not going to create my own band. I want to challenge myself in another field other than music. I am an academic at heart. Many people do not know that. I love reading books and was even a Ph.D. candidate in political science in grad school. I later opted to graduate with my MA, so was considering academia. But all this to say that am very about academics, learning new things, develop myself. So now am challenging myself as an IT consultant. I am currently attending FIU, pursuing my second master’s in health informatics and analytics. So I am really challenging myself and maybe in 15 years I’ll be the CIO of a company or create my own staffing firm in healthcare IT. Am just excited about working towards achieving new goals

I watched a video of one of your old bandmate saying that the CaRiMi door is not fully close, the future for it is uncertain. If tomorrow they call you to get back together, would you do it?

Maybe for a Carimi reunion, yes. I would consider doing a reunion tour if the proposal makes business sense. I am open only for a Carimi reunion nothing else.

What’s the best advice you learn throughout your career, that you would like to share with the new generation coming?

Same advice I gave my kids, read a lot, have options, have multiple sources of income, never rely on anyone but yourself, educate yourself as much as possible, and have fun.

Carlo what’s are 2 things people would be surprised to know about you.

That I am very laid back and down to earth. People tend to judge me but they never really approached me to talk to me, or they will listen to rumors and believe whatever they read on the internet. But once they started to get to know me they realized that I am not how people thought I was. Lol, but it is funny and classic to see people’s reaction once they start talking to me. I love it.

I know you are a man of faith, what is the role that God plays in all the decisions you made?

A Huge role, I pray a lot and I go to church with fam every Sunday. I want my kids to live a life in Christ. I literally talk to God every day of my life, and that is very refreshing and helpful. God as blessed me and my family, and we are very grateful for his presence in our life.

What are your hopes for Haiti? And how do you hope to make a change?

I really hope that we can put political differences aside for a common cause. We have proven to the world that when we are united we can achieve the impossible. Our ancestors left us that blueprint and we should follow it, and not allow ourselves to be divided as a nation. Only then will we start achieving greatness.

It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers.

Thank you very much for a great interview, your questions were very refreshing. To your readers, I will say thank you for the support that you have giving my band for 15 years, thanks to you guys I was able to live my dream, although short lived, great nonetheless. And will forever be grateful. Thank you and God bless.

 Carlo Vieux

I will say this much after reading his interview my view of him completely change. I am grateful that he allowed me to be a part of sharing his amazing journey on earth so far. I am  HAPPY to have had the opportunity to have him on the Blog as well. MY favorite part about doing these interviews is feeling trusted by the interviewee to tell their stories. Carlo Vieux, I am looking forward to watching you from the sidelines on your next endeavors. STAY BLESSED !!


Lady Sergine 🌹💋

4 thoughts on “Carlo Vieux : The C in CaRiMi”

  1. wow, I absolutely loved reading this. This is an inspiring interview. Carlo Vieux just inspired me to never limit myself, never have regrets, and always always keep God in the center. I can honestly feel that he will continue on to even bigger things from here.

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  2. I always liked him the best out of the three simply because he was not in the spotlight on top of that he is really cute 🙂
    Happy to read that he is very intellectual and values what’s important, God, family, education.
    Wow – best wishes with your future endeavors Carlo. I loved the interview and getting to know more about Carlo, I have always liked him naturally.

    Liked by 1 person

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