Hommage to Père Joseph Simoly

Have you ever met someone who you’re not even close to but somehow, touches you or impacts your life in ways others never did before?

  Not too long ago, I got the news that a Haitian priest, Joseph Simoly, that I truly admire died. When I got the text, I frankly thought it was a hoax. Not wanting to believe it, I reached out to someone that I know would be able to verify for me, and when she did, my heart sunk. I felt the same way as when I heard about my dad’s death

   You might be wondering why do I care since he wasn’t close to me. So, let me explain this to you: after my dad died, I was running away from God and church or anything faith related because I was angry . One day, while I was talking to my friend at my dorm about making my way back to church , he referred me to St Jérôme. “At that church, there is a french session,” he specified. It was funny that he told me about it since that used to be my mom’s church; she, in fact, was telling me to go there for so long . So, I decided to visit to see if I like it, which surprisingly, I did. It felt like I was back home, in Haiti . Then came lent season; there was a 3 days special prayers and I decided to go. Inexplicably, I felt compelled to do so. I remember that I even missed class during those 3 days. 

  When I went to St Jérôme for the 3 days, it was Reverend Père Simoly who led the full worship sessions, after the rosaries. Remember that with my dad being dead, at that time I was a lost soul looking for something to believe in, trying to make my way back “HOME.” So, the first night with a very powerful sermon, Priest Simoly touched me so deeply that I was in tears. When I called one of my besties to talk about the first night, and tell her who the main priest was, she started telling me about him.


    I mean the man is special, I have never met someone who can lead a worship session so well. Priest Simoly has changed my life in more ways that I could ever explain. He gave me a direction when I was feeling lost, and touched me like no one has ever done before. I believe that Haïti has lost one of its most amazing priests. GOD truly chose Reverend Simoly to do this job because he did it so well. When he preaches, it is another story because you feel moved to the core. I grew up in church, and I can tell you that they are very few priests who can take me to this vulnerable place.

    AS I was in the middle of writing this,all angry at God, I started to watch old sermons of Priest Simoly. Two of them were talking about death and acceptance. The one about acceptance was about never questioning God for what happens either it is good or bad, and that you have to face that last head on while keeping your FAITH. The second one was about “we all have an end date, no matter what. When it’s time to go we will go whether we are ready or not. ” I was like wow this man is dead and his words are still powerful. Watching his sermons felt like I was in church. Isn’t this crazy?

 Haiti, you must do better. How many people must die until we see a change? I am urging our government to take certain measures for a better living situation.

To Priest Simoly (I know you’ll be reading): I was lucky to have met you, been in your presence,and talked to you. I feel bless to have told you how much you have touched my life and helped me. My only regret is: not going to any of your events last time you came. Thank you for everything you have done in our community. I am happy knowing that I can find comfort in videos of you preaching.

He had this humility, wisdom, and something very calm and comforting about him. I don’t think I have ever heard someone says anything negative about him. May you rest easy knowing how much you have touched my life, and thousands of other people’s. My deepest condolences to HIS family, community, and confreres.

Jésus  jai confiance en toi , Jésus   j’espère en toi, Jésus  , Jésus je t’aime Jésus..- Père Joseph Simoly ! ( Jesus I trust you, I have faith in you Jesus, I believe in you Jesus, I love you Jesus ) 

Joshua 1:9 🙌🏾: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” ( one of my personal favorites ) 

Lady Sergine 💋


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