J- Perry:” Be Yourself. Love Yourself.”

The first time I heard J-Perry, I was at a friend’s house and “Dekole” was on. Since then, I have to admit that I’ve been falling in love with his music. 

One thing that I really love about listening to J-Perry is the positive vibe he communicates when he sings, especially when the content is about his motherland, Haiti. I always have this feeling that he understands that Haiti needs more positivity to be spread about and that we, Haitians, have the power to change everything. However, it’s up to us to fight for the changes. Each of his music is unique in its own and has a specific message, whether it is based on the smallest things like learning to mind our own business ( referring to his song “ABA BLABLA”) or on one of the principles of life such as being the change we want and hope to see ( his “SI’W VLE” song).

Over the years, I watched J-Perry , born Jonathan Perry, taking over the music world with his charisma, personality and his willingness to be the voice of Haiti wherever he is. He has accomplished so many things throughout his career: first, with his hit song “DEKOLE”, he has taken the Haitian industry by storm notably by doing a  remix with  Brazilian singer named Claudia Leitte. Secondly, with his other mega hit “BOUJE”  which ended up being featured in CARS 3 (the Disney movie). 

 With all that being said, it is needless to mention that it is an honor for me to have had the chance to interview him. I can’t wait for you to read it to learn a few things because believe it or not, he shared some of his wisdom with us.


I have read somewhere that early on your parents caught on to your music abilities. Would you say from this moment on you knew that music would be the career you choose? 

 No, I didn’t know it would be the career I choose but I knew it would be part of my life forever

Would you say that pursuing a music career in the Haitian industry is hard? 

Yes, it’s definitely hard because ONE of the most important sources of revenue doesn’t exist in Haiti and that’s “Royalties” so when an artist makes a hit he loses all the money from the radio plays and the clubs or TV.

Is there anything that you have wished you would have done differently since you started?

I wished I had really learned how to read music and remembered. I had a classical piano base and learned how to read but the fact that I didn’t like it when I was young I never gave it my full attention.

If you could give one advice to this generation about going after theirs dreams, what would it be? 

The best advice would be first to be 100% sure they know what they want. Then go for it. Be up for the struggle because nothing comes easy. Be consistent and persistent. Love what you do and don’t just go after the success. Be disciplined. And last but not least, trust your gut feeling.

Every artist has that one song, that helped them in their careers did you know that “Dekole”‘would be such a hit? 

I didn’t know it would be as big as it got but I had a really good feeling about it.

What was your reaction when the Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte reach out to you for a remix of “Dekole”? 

I was amazed that without understanding the lyrics, she was able to connect and wanted to translate it in her native language. As big as she was doing a remix with the song was important to her. That amazed me that she took it seriously despite how “famous” she already is.

What one thing you consider when collaborating with another artist? 

I would say everything. The way I look, the way I sound, my personality, the way I deliver on different types of music and adapt to them. I have to like it. I have to like the beat, the message and vibe it has before collaborating

“Siw vle” is such a beautiful song, very deep. What made you choose BélO to feature on this song with you?

I chose BélO because he has the heart that goes with the message in the song. He is the type of artist and person that Haiti needs more of.

Your latest album was/is a huge success, everyone on social media was talking about it. How different was working on it, comparing to the other albums?

I felt more comfortable with myself as an artist and singer. Felt more confident. The first album was more song writing studio side. This album was more my personality and the reasons why I do that I do. That’swhy I called it Kiyes ou ye.

 What is your favorite song on the album? Why do you think it resonated with so many people?

My favorite song is Si’w Vle. I’m a big fan of reggae music. And the message Belo and I are singing on this beat is strong.

What has been your favorite country to visit so far? What is it like to interact with fans that are not Haitian?

Definitely, Brazil, Felt like a second home to me. The way they welcomed me and it reminded me a lot of Haiti. It feels like an accomplishment. A fan from the same nationality might be because he can really connect with you. But a fan from a different nationality makes me feel like it’s really about my music.

Why is it important for you to showcase Haiti in everything you do? 

Because I want to show the positive sides of it. I want everyone to love Haiti as much I as do. And I want them to know what it’s worth. What it could be like if we take care of it.

Where do you think we have failed Haiti? And how can we change things?

We failed Haiti because we abuse of its freedom. When you’re in Haiti you feel like you can do anything you want whenever wherever without paying the consequences. So I see it as a classroom of kids with no supervisor. It’s a good feeling but then we abuse it. We have to start following rules, be clean, respectful and really treat it like our home and not like a country that’s already so fucked up might as well suck all that left.

Besides music what else is J Perry passionate about? 

Passionate about motorcycle, art, and sports

 Tell me one thing that your fans will be surprised to know about you?

I don’t like being famous and being in the spotlight

This lifestyle comes with a lot of rewards, what is one thing you wish you did not have to deal with. 

The fame

Since I have been following you, I have never heard anything about your personal life. Is it a conscious thing?

I tend to keep my life private aside from the music.

Would you say J Perry is single? What attracts you to a woman?

I am in a relationship. A woman’s smile and personality.

I am just an upcoming blogger with no experience. What was one thing that made you accept the interview?

I respect anyone that is interested in my life because if you can take the time to follow what I do, I owe you the time to answer your questions.

Before I end the interview is there any last thing you hope to share with the readers about Haiti, life, etc.?

Be yourself. Love yourself. Know what you represent on this earth and be kind to everyone. Not just Haiti but the whole world needs kind people. Be someone and do things you can be proud of.

Before we end this interview, I have 3 of your fans that adore you and it would mean the world to them if you shout them out. Their names are Winnie, Gayoue, and my younger sister Adassah. They will kill me for this, but I had too. 

Lol, shout out to Winnie, Gayoue, and Adassah! Love you

Thank you to J-Perry for the interview, I’m looking forward to what next for you! Keep shining. This interview was very honest which I love. Thank you for sharing.

Ladybugs you can keep up with him by following him on Instagram @jperryofficial, Facebook: J.Perryoficial,


Lady Sergine 🌹💋

PS. All pictures are from his Instagram!!!


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