Mitzy : “Don’t ever think you aren’t beautiful or smart enough…”

I was first introduced to Mitzy when I was visiting a friend at her old university, in Haiti. After that meeting, she kept popping on my IG friends suggestions; so we started following each other. I was very intrigued by her because she seems so outgoing, and sweet. Plus, she uses her IG platform to… Continue reading Mitzy : “Don’t ever think you aren’t beautiful or smart enough…”


J- Perry:” Be Yourself. Love Yourself.”

The first time I heard J-Perry, I was at a friend's house and "Dekole" was on. Since then, I have to admit that I've been falling in love with his music. One thing that I really love about listening to J-Perry is the positive vibe he communicates when he sings, especially when the content is about… Continue reading J- Perry:” Be Yourself. Love Yourself.”


Princess Eud

I've always heard of Princess Eud, but never knew exactly who she was until last year. I was reading an article on her, and I fell in love with the Rapper or I should say the person. I've been learning so much about her that I've decided she should be one of the people that… Continue reading Princess Eud


Facing the fears 💋❤️

  My biggest fear in life is flying, which some might think it's crazy since I'm always on a plane going somewhere but unfortunately that's one of my fear in life. I wish it was something else all the time.... It's not the case. So this week I've had to catch 2 flights in two… Continue reading Facing the fears 💋❤️