I’m not an object, she’s not an object, we are not objects.

I’m not an object, she’s not an object, we are not objects.
A girl can wear an outfit showcasing parts of her body and it doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful. It is extremely annoying when people are making remarks about women’s bodies. They don’t just say:” you are beautiful” it’s always “look at that ass,”  which I think can be frustrating.

Not too long ago,  a friend of mine was telling me that story of how she was walking home the other day and there was that man who kept saying what he would do to her. Because of that, she felt compelled to put her jacket back on. What was more intriguing to me was when she was describing what she had on, she felt the need to add:” I had a crop top on and I wasn’t even showing too much skin.” Why did she feel the need to say that at the end? Well,  it’s because WE BLAME WOMEN FOR THESE MEN DISGUSTING/DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIORS!!!

Whether she was covered head to toe or not, this man had no business telling her such things. That day, she sent me an angry voice note because she felt violated.
It’s like a recurring thing, to be honest, since she is not the only one who experienced this. I, myself, have had men telling me that after the first meeting  all I saw was your “ ASS” and I’m like startled 😱 by this .. It wasn’t my eyes or smile but rather my ass. It’s always been a turnoff.

I want to be seen, honestly! Not for my ass or boobs but rather because my smile or my eyes drawn you to me. I can’t hide my body and I REFUSE to dress conservatively because of men who keep acting like pigs. We hear this too often: “maybe if you had dressed differently, men wouldn’t feel teased by you.”

It’s  rare to hear a story about women touching men without consent or making derogatory comments. We blame women, but we don’t hold those kind of men accountable. WHY? We make jokes about disrespectful women’s encounters, we turned them into memes while we defend those men like this was the last thing left to do on earth.

I had this outfit on the other day, it was really cute; then someone came to me and daringly asked “where’s the rest of your outfit?” Again, I startled 😱 like what do you mean? I am allowed to wear any dress I want. Don’t ask me to add more layers to my outfit. Like, Is this a joke?

We are part of the problem. Let’s be better humans, If I may add. I’m tired of having to cover myself because y’all men don’t know what is SELF CONTROL. I’m tired of when I walk into a room I gotta be self-conscious about my ass showing or not because I don’t want men coming up to me in a certain way. I’m just tired of being the victim and the reason why IT happened.

Society please do a better job at protecting  our women! 

I’M NOT AN OBJECT, SHE IS NOT AN OBJECT, WE’RE NOT OBJECTS !! We are HUMANS, to some of you, it might be a hard concept to grasp but WE ARE!!
Lady Sergine 💋

1 thought on “I’m not an object, she’s not an object, we are not objects.”

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