Love More 🌹

Today is Mental Health  day. Although I have not blogged in such a long time, I thought I would write something to encourage everyone to keep going. I’ll start by saying: if you’re here, there’s a reason why, so please don’t give up. Life gets super hard. We all have a million things going on.… Continue reading Love More 🌹


I’m not an object, she’s not an object, we are not objects.

I’m not an object, she’s not an object, we are not objects. A girl can wear an outfit showcasing parts of her body and it doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful. It is extremely annoying when people are making remarks about women’s bodies. They don’t just say:” you are beautiful” it’s always “look… Continue reading I’m not an object, she’s not an object, we are not objects.


Dear men,

This blog post is dedicated to the men who make it their mission to waste women’s time or,better yet, to play games thinking it’s okay.  Talking or dating anyone requires a lot; but those men are extremely confusing and so self-righteous out there. They seem to think that it’s all about them.      I DO… Continue reading Dear men,


Hey You !

Hey world!!       This weekend, I’ve cried more than I can even count; I know, I know, some of you will be shocked to read this.  Depression is real, Ladybugs. It is usually hidden behind the largest smiles or the loudest laughters.   I had not truly experienced depression until my dad died.… Continue reading Hey You !


Nia Louis, Zin- Be True To Yourself

We all have met or heard of Nia when she made her debut with the group ZIN. In fact, she has dominated the industry for quite some times. Lately, she has been taking a break to build her family and do things other than music. In spite of that, her passion for music hasn’t left… Continue reading Nia Louis, Zin- Be True To Yourself


Tifane :Music makes me feel relevant, present, alive.

The first time I personally heard of Tifane, I was listening to her song with Stan called “Bel Moun.” I thought that her style was different, and her voice captivating. Also, she revealed to be, and still is, an authentic kind of person: true to herself no matter what. The latest news was that she… Continue reading Tifane :Music makes me feel relevant, present, alive.


Single doesn’t= LONELINESS

I’ve always been the single girl in my circle of friends and at times it can feel soooo lonely. If that’s you I know you can relate! At times you wonder what’s wrong with you? Sometimes you even let your insecurities get the best of you. So, I wrote a blog post about how I… Continue reading Single doesn’t= LONELINESS