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“Group Betenson Constant,” A Multi-Dove Gospel Band

Mr. Constant, please introduce yourself to the public: My name is Betenson Constant, lead singer of Group Betenson Group, but call me Constant. I am 33 years old. I was born in a Christian-devoted home where Sunday meant “Worship Day.” Glorifying and singing for God has always been a passion that I am excited to… Continue reading “Group Betenson Constant,” A Multi-Dove Gospel Band


Thank You 2021

Since the pandemic started two years ago, life hasn’t been the same. We are just trying to find a routine. I doubt we will ever return to what we once knew as NORMAL. As I was reflecting on 2021, I realized it had been a year of heartbreak; I thought 2020 was horrible. Nothing compares… Continue reading Thank You 2021


To An Angel!

Dear God, why did it have to be her? Why? We are not supposed to question.. But I am.. Death just knocks on our door whether we are ready or not. It has a way of snatching the people we love without warning.  Monday morning I woke up to a text from a friend asking… Continue reading To An Angel!


Doris Adéclat : Dorishaiti

I’m always asking my friends about who they think I should interview as I focus more on Haitian musicians. It dawn on me that they are so many amazing young people doing phenomenal work . So I have taken a better interest at what’s going on around, and to shed light on those amazing young… Continue reading Doris Adéclat : Dorishaiti


Riva Précil: Always listen to yourself !

Years ago, someone sent me the video of her wedding, and I was extremely taken by her boldness, which resulted of me seeing her as this amazing human being. I was like, she is who she is and unapologetic as well . I know Voodoo is part of our culture but not all practice it,… Continue reading Riva Précil: Always listen to yourself !


Alex Pierrot: Donlex

Around sometimes last year a friend of  mine introduced me to the next person I am about to interview. She asked me to listen to him, so past the few years I got to know him as an artist and person. I have learned that it is important to learn the person behind every artists,… Continue reading Alex Pierrot: Donlex


Zoe Poze : Just Because You don’t SPEAK CREOLE IT doesn’t mean you aren’t Haitian.

If you ever in need of a good laugh, well my next interviewee is your person. He will keep you laughing non-stop while he tackles some important topics in our Haitian society. I’ve started watching his videos when my family started sending them in our group chat. Not only he is a well-known comedian, but… Continue reading Zoe Poze : Just Because You don’t SPEAK CREOLE IT doesn’t mean you aren’t Haitian.


Séphora Drouillard: Dance chose me , not the other way around

Last year I started to follow my next interviewee, I was very impressed to see all the things that she was doing. I must say it was interesting to see the mastermind behind the performances of artists such as Paska, Niska now known as Kanis , Trouble Boy. Through her social media she comes out… Continue reading Séphora Drouillard: Dance chose me , not the other way around


What’s Up Ladybugs

I know so many of you are feeling stressed and nervous. All of us are pensive about what tomorrow will bring. I mean who isn’t? It’s the uncertainty of not knowing what tomorrow will bring that’s the most nerve-wracking. To be perfectly honest, I am not scared, but I am extremely nervous. But ultimately, whatever… Continue reading What’s Up Ladybugs


Love More 🌹

Today is Mental Health  day. Although I have not blogged in such a long time, I thought I would write something to encourage everyone to keep going. I’ll start by saying: if you’re here, there’s a reason why, so please don’t give up. Life gets super hard. We all have a million things going on.… Continue reading Love More 🌹