Thank You 2021

Since the pandemic started two years ago, life hasn’t been the same. We are just trying to find a routine. I doubt we will ever return to what we once knew as NORMAL.

As I was reflecting on 2021, I realized it had been a year of heartbreak; I thought 2020 was horrible. Nothing compares to this year, but amid those heartbreaks, God gave me a few things to be grateful for. It was a year of growth. I indeed have found my voice, not that I haven’t before, but lol I have been more firm in the things I’m willing to do and not. I’m ok with being alone. I always have been. There’s this new beauty in being by yourself that I rediscover.

2021 broke me in ways that I never imagined it could have ..I’ve taken some blows that literally took my breath away. I have lost so God could help me to make space for new things. It also dawned on me that I have to hold myself more accountable for the promises I’ve made to myself. Also for how to treat those around me, whether by being more present or more kind to someone even if I’m not in th
e mood. This is why I don’t want ANYONE to keep me around cause if I’m no longer serving your life, let me go. That sounds so dramatic, but I think we have to learn how to let go of things and people. I am so grateful for the lessons this year has taught me. I knew I was strong but not this strong, even though I have broken down crying so many nights. One of my biggest wake-ups this year was about my health. When I’m ready, I’ll talk more about it. Now I understand why my mom used to tell us “Health is WEALTH”.

The world doesn’t make it any easier for us. Every day it’s something new. Being black in America, it’s exhausting. I wish for a world filled with love, where we treat each other with kindness.
On the beautiful side, I have traveled, stepped out of my comfort zone. I have watched my friends get married, have babies. I’m so proud of them for doing all of the things they’ve dreamt of. Seeing my family doing what they love was satisfying. I am forever grateful for the lessons 2021 has taught me. Through them I grew up and became more mature. I’m thankful.Yes, 2021 WAS hard on so many levels, but I know some people had it even worse. So I’m going to thank God for swinging another year. Praying and hoping 2022 will go smooth.

I am looking forward to the new adventures I’ll embark on. I wish you all health because without it, we can’t accomplish anything. May 2022 be filled with love, happiness, and success. Let’s hope for a beautiful 2022!


Lady Sergine🌹💋

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